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My SEA Story: Educational & Inspirational

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

My SEA experience was both educational and inspirational, and I am very grateful to the SEA for allowing me to play a small part in their noble efforts. One instance in particular that inspired me a great deal was when I was given a midnight Leatherback sea turtle hatching tour by members of SEA’s knowledgable staff. The great work SEA does represents the best of us. Ezra S.

Ezra also participated in a few of SEA’s snorkel clinics after moving to St. Croix from New York. He is back in New York now, but creating lasting memories of St. Croix.

If you would like to support SEA’s efforts to give people like Ezra unique and life-changing experiences, donate now. Gifts made through the end of April will be matched by Diageo USVI in celebration of Earth Day!

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