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Our Mission is to promote the conservation of environmental resources, provide education and advocate for environmentally responsible actions that benefit St. Croix



Established in 1986

St. Croix Environmental Association, known locally as S.E.A., is committed to protecting and conserving St. Croix’s unique island environment and the people that reside on St. Croix. S.E.A. was formed as a grassroots organization in 1986. By creating innovative environmental education programs for children and adults, sponsoring engaging activities, doing scientifically and culturally informed conservation work, and remaining vigilant in seeking compliance with local and federal environmental regulations, the St. Croix Environmental Association continues to provide leadership for a healthy and sustainable environment.

Planting over 20,000 tress in 37 years

Through the years, SEA has planted over 20,000 trees on St. Croix including thousands of mangroves in Salt River in the wake of Hurricane Hugo, native trees for forest restoration at the Southgate Coastal Reserve, and hundreds of the endemic, endangered St. Croix Agave in cooperation with private landowners. SEA is well known as one the leaders in environmental education in the territory.


Our programs focus primarily on connecting local students to their environment for a better understanding of how they impact the environment and how the environment impacts them. We have reached thousands of students annually through programs such as field trips, and the Earth Day Eco-Fair.



Our Team


Board Of Directors

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