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Bats are the only mammals native to the Virgin Islands and serve as key pollinators, seed dispersers and insect control.

An ancient Danish well tower where several hundred Cave Bats roost year-round

The Barren Spot Bat Tower

The S.E.A. has protected the Bat Tower since 1999 and holds periodic education events focusing on bats at the tower. In order to protect the bats in the roost, the bat tower is only open to the public during education events or work days. Cave bats are particularly sensitive to human disturbance and so it is a key aspect of their conservation to limit the noise and visitation by humans at the roost. One of our goals for near future is to install a webcam in the bat roost. This “bat-cam” will allow viewers form all over the world to observe the bats and watch them go about their daily lives.

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