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Since 1999

Southgate Coastal

Created in 1999 and expanded in 2000 through two generous gifts from an anonymous donor with a keen interest in birding and education

Developing The Site For Bird Watching Education & Recreation

The Reserve is located a little over 3 miles east of Christiansted, just north of East End Road. It totals 100 acres and encompasses a coastal salt pond, mangrove forest, beach forest and upland grassland. The pond and surrounding wetlands provide habitat for many resident and migrant birds including several species classified as threatened or endangered. Three species of sea turtles nest on the beach berm – all are classified as threatened or endangered.

After carefully assessing the site’s habitats, SEA is developing the site for bird watching, education and recreation activities. Several new trails have been added, benches have been placed at resting spots, and educational signs are being installed. 

Birds Of Southgate

You will find the newly completed bird-viewing hide, a special place for bird watching, education and recreation for the community that respects and preserves the delicate Southgate ecosystem. The S.E.A. is also working to expand and improve habitat for wildlife through reforestation and protection of nesting habitat.

There are over 100 species of birds on the reserve
Visiting The Reserve

The Southgate Coastal Reserve driveway is off of East End Road between Chenay Bay and Cheeseburgers. Park in the grass at the driveway entrance. The trailhead is marked with a small sign about 20 yards west of the driveway. There is now a network of trails to explore! If you choose the left option from the start, the hike back to the Salt Pond is about .3 miles.

What to wear/bring: During the rainy season, part of the path can be flooded and muddy, so wear appropriate footwear. You may also want sunscreen, a hat, bug repellent, drinking water, and binoculars.

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