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In the Garden

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

St. George Village Botanical Garden may be closed, but they are bringing the garden to you! Each week they will be posting a video “In the Garden” to teach us about the different flora on their beautiful grounds.

This week they showed us the fascinating “Strangler Fig” a.k.a. Ficus or Banyon tree. This tree starts out on a host tree and eventually swallows up the host with its roots. It’s a tree-eating tree!


  1. Where have you seen a Strangler Fig before on St. Croix?

  2. Do you have a Strangler Fig in your yard? Can you tell what kind of tree it is eating?

  3. Can you draw a picture of a Strangler Fig?

Be sure to follow St. George Village Botanical Garden on Facebook to see future episodes of “In the Garden”!

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