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If Hummingbirds Could Hum

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Our friends at Environment for the Americas, a nonprofit working to increase awareness of birds and their conservation throughout the Western Hemisphere, is hosting a special live reading of the book If Hummingbirds Could Hum. Join them on Thursday, March 19, at 2pm AST/EST (1pm CST, noon MST, 11am PST) in English or Spanish (register using the provided links).

If Hummingbirds Could Hum is a delightful tale for early learners, 3-7 years old. All ages are welcome to the reading! After the reading, questions will be taken live and via chat.

You may also download a bird coloring page that includes a calliope hummingbird. The calliope hummingbird is the smallest bird native to the United States and Canada. It has a western breeding range mainly from California to British Columbia, and migrates to the Southwestern United States, Mexico, and Central America for its wintering grounds.

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