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The Food Chain Game

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

All living things — plants, animals, people, marine life — get energy from food. Understanding the important role that all things in nature play in our food chain helps us see the value in all living things.

Here are a few examples of food sources and their consumers:

  1. Mosquitoes, as much as we may not like them, feed the cute little geckos that we enjoy watching.

  2. Some birds eat nectar and plants; some eat insects, worms, or rodents; still some eat fish.

  3. Even our food waste as humans can be turned in to nutrient-rich compost that feeds plants.

How much do you know about food chains? Play The Food Chain Game from Sheppard Software to find out!

Other activities

Sheppard Software has activities on a variety of educational topics ranging from pre-K to adult. Some of our other favorites are:

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