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My SEA Story: Veronica’s Garden

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

I love the S.E.A.! Their sponsored hikes with Veronica Gordon and Ras LaMumba made me conscious of our native plants and birds on St. Croix. I landscape watching carefully for all native plants and treasuring them in meadows and forests. I devoted part of my yard to Calabash and other natives and named it Veronica’s Garden. I miss Veronica since she passed away and am grateful to see her Calabash and other indigenous plants growing to comfort me. When I show others the native gardens I make sure to use LaMumba’s catch phrase ‘It’s amazing.’ - Ginger V., Northside Valley

Ginger, we’re so happy you had the opportunity to learn from Veronica and put that knowledge to work at Northside Valley. You have created quite an oasis of native plants and trees for your visitors and wildlife to enjoy, and it’s really neat to hear that SEA played a role in inspiring that!

Veronica also shared her passion and expertise at Earth Day EcoFair, which would normally be happening today. We hope you’ll take a moment to celebrate in a way that honors her memory — maybe even using one of our Connecting With Nature activities.

If you would like to support SEA’s efforts to give people like Ginger unique and life-changing experiences, donate now. Gifts made through the end of April will be matched by Diageo USVI in celebration of Earth Day!

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