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Human vs. Bird

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Greta, a University of the Virgin Islands student and presenter of World Migratory Bird Day at Southgate Coastal Reserve, shared her talent of writing poetry with our group. It was such a pleasure to listen to her recite her poem while the waves lapped up on the beach and the birds chattered in the background. Thank you for this gift, Greta!

Human vs. Bird

Man has highways. Birds have flyways. Man invented the GPS, But birds have their own GPS built in, in the nest.

If that’s not the case, How do birds find those flyways?

Those birds are brilliant. Those birds are real smart. When someone calls you “bird brain,” Don’t take it to heart.

Those birds know what they are about, There is no doubt. The birds look at the mountains, the coastline, valleys and find their way. Without experiencing any delay.

Pilots use radar and information from air controllers before take-off and landing, But the birds expand their wings And take off soaring high Into yonder blue skies. They travel much longer distances than the planes Without even coming in for landing.

How do birds do it? I will never know. But what I can believe Is that God gives them the knowledge to do so.

How do birds know that seasons change? When winter is coming? They fatten themselves And take off again. Looking for warm temperatures to breed, lay their eggs and hatch their young Until the next year when the cycle comes around.

Birds can also read the compass. Then, how do they know when to fly north and when to fly south? Which they do without any doubt. When man completes his journey, the GPS says, “You have arrived at your destination.” The birds assess the conditions and just know when it’s time to fly down.

Be a solution To plastic pollution. Always walk with a garbage bag and pick up your trash. Do not throw it where the birds hatch.

SEA collaborates with the University of the Virgin Islands Science 100 class to provide service learning opportunities. Projects include creating educational displays for events like turtle season kick-off, Bat Night, World Migratory Bird Day, and hurricane tree giveaways. Students have also done on-the-ground conservation work, like tree planting and endangered species restoration.

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