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Fiona the Philanthropist

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Meet Fiona. She turned 8 at the start of February. Prior to her New York City-themed birthday party, she told her mommy that she didn’t want gifts this year. Instead she wanted to raise money for a cause.

Her mom gave her a list of options and she chose St. Croix Environmental Association. She raised $205!

Here’s an interview with Fiona:

Why do you care about the environment?

Because I want the world to be healthy.

What are you learning in school about the environment?

Every Tuesday I go to Wilderness Skills class to learn about the forest. I learned that the cecropia tree looks like a papaya, but it’s leaves are scratchy. That’s how you tell the difference between a papaya and a cecropia.

What is your favorite thing to do outdoors?

Either climb a tree or snorkeling.

What do you wish every person would do to protect the environment?

Pick up litter at the beach and pick up plastic underwater. (Mom inserted that Fiona can be very outspoken about picking up trash at the beach, sometimes asking, “You’re not going to leave that there, are you?” We say, “good job, Fiona! Sorry, Mom, if it makes for some awkward moments.”)

Fiona shared a story about one day when she wanted to have friends over for a sleepover. She wasn’t sure her parents would say yes, so before asking she went out to pick up litter to earn some good karma points.

What was the inspiration behind your New York City birthday party theme?

Taylor Swift!

How did asking for donations to SEA make you feel?

It made me feel happy and proud. I was proud of my friends for being so generous.

Fiona never imagined that giving back would bring so much joy to herself. She said she wanted to be generous, but now she’s so excited about how good her donation feels. She asked if there’s such thing as any selfless good deed. Mommy added in to keep cleaning the beach and helping her.

Fiona, feeling joyful about your good deed definitely does not make it selfish. Your big heart is destined for wonderful things and we know you’ll do lots to protect our beautiful environment. Also, keep helping your mom.

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