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Coral Conservation Corps

 An in-depth look at coral reef biology and ecology


This program provides an in-depth look at coral reef biology and ecology, and challenges students to become stewards of and advocates for the marine environment. An academically challenging program for junior high and high school students, the CCC includes field experience with snorkel trips, a kayak excursion with Bush Tribe, and marine park visits to the East End Marine Park and Buck Island Reef National Monument.


Through team activities, field experiences and an advocacy project, this program provides instruction on the general ecology, habitats, and conservation issues of St. Croix’s coral reef system. An ongoing theme is how do we maintain a healthy balance between the needs of an environment and its people. The program also addresses society’s role in coastal areas, develops naturalist interpretation skills, and discusses environmental ethics.

The objective is to help students feel a greater connection to the land and sea, to help students develop their own environmental ethics, and to prepare students to share this knowledge with others. 

Field Trips & Excursions
An academically challenging program for junior high and high school students

The Buccaneer Resort

Snorkel Practices

Southgate Coastal Reserve

Nature Tour & Snorkel

Salt River Bay

Kayak with Bush Tribe & Seining with DPNR

Cane Bay

Snorkel & Nursery Tour with TNC

St. Croix Yacht Club

Basic Sailing Practices


Sailing and Snorkel with Lyrics Sails

Buck Island

A Celebration Trip

Grotto Beach

Grotto Beach is a long rocky shore west of the Buccaneer Resort where students learn about water safety, and how to snorkel with masks and fins. It’s an ideal beach to snorkel and observe marine life such as corals, sea fans, invertebrates, marine fishes and marine mammals – close and personal. The beach has one sandy entrance (at the start of the wall) where locals and guests enter and exist. Out of the Buccaneer’s 3 designated beaches (Grotto, Mermaid and Whistle beach) Grotto provides better visibility and more marine life to see.  

The Beach Meeting Room

The Beach Meeting Room is the designated site of the program where lectures, labs and games take place. The room is equipped with AC, a large TV screen, tables, chairs, a water station and bathrooms that supports a safe and comfortable environment. Students are required to bring their own drinking water bottle, snacks and cold lunch. No microwave is provided. Students are dropped off at 9am and picked up at 3pm sharp. There is no adult supervision after this time. 

The Program Site

Parents and caregivers are welcome to join us on our last program day that closes with a ceremony of the student’s advocacy project, field experiences, and certifications for completion of the program.

What Students Say

Sky Sloan, 15 years old

This program is great for the summer. I think this should be year-round, because this has been my favorite thing I’ve done on island. ...[more]

Charlotte Armstrong, 
15 years old

When you are thinking about taking a sea shell back home, please think about the next generation of people ...[more]

Ryleigh Murphy,
15 years Old

Coral reefs are very important to the surrounding environment. The two main components of coral reefs are coral polys and zooxanthellae....[more]

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