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The Fred’s Green Initiatives

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

We’re so grateful to have the support of St. Croix’s newest boutique resort, The Fred. Not only do they help make our golf tournament, Green on the Green, more fun and offer a special gift for our Sept-member membership drive, they have several initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint. Here are several ways that The Fred is going gree:

  1. The Fred uses biodegradable food and beverage containers, including straws made of bamboo and vegetable based plastics.

  2. Their lighting is Turtle Safe.

  3. The Hotel’s default policy for all linens is centered on water conservation. Guests must indicate if they want linens and/or towels to be cleaned more frequently than every 3 days.

  4. Guest A/C’s are turned off between check-out/check-in.

  5. The Fred’s Laundry Service uses water efficient equipment that utilizes water captured via cisterns (no municipal water is used).

  6. Priscilla, The Fred’s electric 8 person limousine golf cart, is used to transport guests to other nearby destinations and to make routine errand runs to reduce carbon emissions.

  7. 99.9% of materials for any new construction at The Fred comes from renewable sources.

  8. All Guest receipts are delivered electronically by default unless a guest specifically requests a hard copy receipt.

  9. The beautiful grounds of The Fred are xeroscaped, meaning the plants were selected based on their water conservation properties.

  10. At dawn and dusk a mosquito deterrent system releases a mist of natural oils, such as chrysanthemum, that naturally discourage mosquito activity without the use of pesticides.

  11. The Fred hopes to activate it’s alternate power supply powered by renewable propane gas before the 2020 season begins.

  12. Exhaus from The Fred’s generators are recycled a whopping 9 times so that once the entire resort is complete they’ll create less carbon footprint than 1 automobile.

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